actuator web guide system

About Web Guide Actuator

  1. web guide actuator adopts Japan’s Sanyo electric motor as the actuator, without carbon brush
  2. Fully reliable and long service life, truly realize long-term maintenance-free during use
  3. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental-friendly,
  4. Adopting Taiwan precision ball screw with the smallest gap
  5. Clearance and durability, so that the actuator has no backlash error.
  6. Choosing from75-300mm stroke, 0.5T-10T thrust weight
  7. Installation method has direct connection type and L type


  • Power supply voltage: DC 24V
  • Maximum speed: 30mm/s
  • Maximum stroke: 150mm
  • Maximum thrust: 200KG.F
  • Back-off error: less than 0.001mm
  • Push load: 2000KG