semiautomatic electroplating line for cylinder making


FAEL series: Fully Automatic Electroplating Lines The plating line is composed of copper plating line and chrome line. Copper plating line is used to copperizing, chrome plating line is used to chrome coating after gravure engraving. The line is an automatic line in which what you do is to input related cylinder parameters in computer and computer will order and finish the whole plating process.

2. SAEL series: Single Machine Automatic Electroplating Line Automatic controlled by PLC, touch screen man-machine interface, high efficiency, less operators, only input cylinder length, diameter, thickness of the plating or plating time, then program can automatically run, close door, liquid filling, cylinder rotation, rectifier work, alarm etc. It is the upgrade of standard model equipment.

3. EEL series: Economical electroplating line. Economical production line: manual control, easy operation, economical and practical. It is the model of choice for SME development market.