Cleaning proces

pull the basket, the cleaning parts into the basket, back into the basket, button start – hanging basket fell, the ultrasonic machine, circulating pump to start the entire process (PLC control), ultrasonic cleaning, hanging basket, buzzer rang entire process (PLC control), take out the material in the rinse tank, water spray, dry and inspection.

Ultrasonic System

4 sets of ultrasonic generator, with total power of 12KW and ultrasonic frequency of 28KHZ.Ultrasonic wave adopts bottom plus double side vibration, directly fitting installation mode.

Cleaning Tank Heating Method

DN40 stainless steel heating tube is set on the side, and mechanical temperature control is adopted to automatically control the temperature, heating power is 24KW/380V.

Ultrasonic generator with sweep frequency function

through the ultrasonic frequency in the cleaning process in a reasonable range of reciprocating sweep, drive the cleaning fluid to form a small backflow, the workpiece dirt is quickly removed from the surface of the workpiece, improve the cleaning efficiency.

Single Cleaning time

5-10 minutes.(there may be some differences due to the actual amount of ink contamination and the storage time)
Tank size:3000*1580*1180mm (L×W×H)
storage tank size:500*500*500mm