Degreasing machine is to help the version of the roller to better clean oil and stains, in order to achieve in the plating process because of the layout is not clean caused by the fault, reduce rework, improve efficiency.


Certification : CE Certificate
Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
Tank material : Stainless steel — PP
Cylinder support frame : Stainless steel
External Protection : Stainless steel
Electrolyte volume : 1300 Liter
Pump capacity : 14,000l/h
Heat capacity : 3kw
Cylinder Immersion : 50%
Current density max : 6-10A/dm2
Electrolyte temperature : 35-40 ℃
Room air condition, temperature range : 18-40℃ 5-60% relative humidity
Cooling coil : Titanium
Machine weight : 1100 Kg
Machine dimension : 3870x1360x1300mm