Chrome-plating machine is used for printing roller surface chrome-plating equipment.

Compared with traditional equipment, this equipment adopts double floating box device.The front chute USES a float box Device to ensure the lowest liquid level in the tank.Floating box device is adopted for overflow on both sides to ensure the height of semi-immersion level when the equipment works.

Adopt safety cover, limit, brake, safety alarm and other protective devices to reduce the equipment caused by wrong operation Damage, improve the stability of equipment and operators can be safe protection.

Simple structure, excellent manufacturing, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, easy operation and labor intensity Reduced.

Beautiful appearance;Adopt stainless steel cover, etc.




Certification : CE Certificate
Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
Tank material : Stainless steel — PP
Cylinder support frame : Stainless steel
External Protection : Stainless steel
Electrolyte volume : 1300 Liter
Pump capacity : 16,000l/h
Heat capacity : 9kw
Cylinder Immersion : 50%
Current density max : 55-60A/dm2
Electrolyte temperature : 55-60 ℃
Room air condition, temperature range : 18-40℃ 5-60%
Cooling coil : Titanium
Machine weight : 2.000 Kg
Machine dimension : 3870x1360x1300mm