Pneumatic load cylinders are incredibly easy and convenient to operate due to their pneumatic auxiliary load features. Once the cylinder is loaded, the system can run automatically with just the click of a start button, eliminating the need for constant supervision. The technology also ensures good roughness and extended printing-life, adding to its durability and efficiency. Furthermore, the water-saving program intelligently controls the quantity of water used, contributing to overall resource efficiency. In addition to being power-saving, the system is designed to be waterproof on both the cylinder and its surface, ensuring reliability and longevity in various environments.

Length of cylinder : 100-1400 mm
Diameter of cylinder : 125-300 mm
Polishing-grain : 40-60 mic
Rotate speeding of cylinder : 0-228r/min
Move speeding of polish head : 0-440mm/s
Polishing angle : 0-70°
Power supply : 3 x 415 v 50HZ
Over dimension : 3300 x 1300 x 1700 mm
Machine weight : 1500 kg