1. Double curve “S” shaped polishing curve and “X” polishing curve can choose. Which can fit for different polishing surface requirement.
  2. Pressure is accurately adjustable automatically.
  3. Full servo drive, precise movement, fine and controllable polishing effect.
  4. The pneumatic load cylinder. Pneumatic auxiliary load the cylinder is very easy and convenient for operating
  5. Good roughness and good printing-life
  6. Water-saving: the program controls the quantity of water
  7. Power saving

Machine type : YUBO-CRP-XS
Cylinder length : 300-1700mm
Cylinder diameter : 90-350mm
Cylinder weight : ≦100kg
Surface roughness : (RA) 0.2-0.3
Power : 6.33KW
Air pressure : ≦0.3MP
Dimensions : 400016001225mm
Weight : 3.1T