1. Hollow printing cylinder length is 300mm-1400mm
  2. The cylinder diameter is φ90mm–φ400mm
  1. .Hollow cylinder is fixed by cone, the diameter of cone is φ70mm and φ110mm;The cone which can not move fit to hole of φ50mm-φ100mm.
  2. 2.Clamp by tailstock movement automatically
  3. 3.Cylinder drive controlled by 0.75kw stepless reducer, the rotation speed range is 80-400 rpm/min.
  1. Polishing head left-right movement is drived by 0.75kw stepless reducer screw transmission
  2. Polishing fore-and-aft movement is controlled by reducer screw transmission with power 0.25kw
  3. Polishing head pressure is controlled by cylinder which can be adjustable
  4. Polishing head rotation is drived by 5.5kw motor with rotation 2900rpm/min
  1. Main framework coated with anticorrosive paint
  2. Column guide roller with full closed and high precision
  3. T-type screw transmission and screw with high precision
  4. Stainless steel dustproof shield
  1. The reducer power of polishing head left-right movement is 0.75kw
  2. The reducer power of polishing head fore-and-aft movement is 0.25kw。
  3. Polishing head rotation is driven by 5.5kw motor
  4. Cylinder drive is controlled by 0.75kw motor
  5. Automatic count installation
  6. Automatic lubricate system.

3900mm(L)X 1650mm (W) X 1400mm(H