About Web Tension Controller

Our web tension controller is a fully automatic web tension controller. It uses high-precision 16-bit AD sampling with a sampling time of 1 microsecond. This results in a sensor with high signal precision and high speed. The T500 can drive a magnetic powder brake and can be connected with single or double pressure sensors.

Our web tension controller is an important part of a web guiding system. It can also work automatically using an internal algorithm without sensors. The T500 is widely used in many industries, including papermaking, printing, packaging, textile, and non-woven fabric manufacturing.

The precision of tension control directly affects the processing quality of the product. Therefore, choosing a high-performance web tension controller is essential for improving the processing quality of products.

Technical Parameter

  • Input power: single-phase power supply AC 185-264V,50/60HZ
  • Output power: power supply DC 0-24V, 4A MAX
  • Applicable models: mask machine, magnetic powder clutch brake, voltage regulator supply
  • External control signal: 0-10V, corresponding output 0-24V
  • Installation methods. floor model, wall-mounted. embedded
  • Required environment: 0-40C, relative humidity<80RH