web guide system sensor epc

About Web Infrared Sensor

  1. Adopting high-speed DSP chip, full digital processing, truly no drift, strong anti-interference ability
  2. Adopting imported infrared-sensitive components with 0.01mm resolution
  3. Fully sealed titanium alloy shell design with special surface treatment, to prevent dust and pollution, anti-corrosion
  4. It can detect any material (including mesh material) without adjustment
  5. DC12V single power supply, 0-5V analog output, two switch output
  6. Easy setup


Web Guide Infrared edge sensors are specially designed to detect the edge of webs that are sound-transparent, thick-woven, or non-transparent. These sensors use an infrared LED as the light source. The light is reflected through the material and then recorded by a line of CCD sensors. The CCD elements that are illuminated by the light produce a higher signal level. This signal level can then be converted into an output value that is proportional to the position of the web edge.