web guide controller s800

About Web Controller S-800

  1. CPU adopts South Korea’s Samsung Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, with a working frequency of up to 1.2GHz
  2. 16-bit imported high-precision AD sampling chip with 1us sampling time, the sensor signal is much more stable
  3. Full touch screen made by South Korean Samsung, stand by multi-lingual
  4. The control adopts the latest fuzzy PID algorithm control from the United States, and any material automatically adapts to the optimal parameters.
  5. Fuzzy recognition with free balance adjustment system
  6. Dynamic recognition system for coiled materials which imitates human eyes
  7. Can be connected to single/double ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, CCD sensors
  8. Adopts titanium alloy wire drawing shell, high strength, with stronger corrosion resistance and interference resistance
  9. The electronic commutation is maintenance-free, and the commutation has higher safety without sparks.


The S800 web guide controller series is specifically crafted for overseeing steering frames or linear actuators, ensuring precise control even during high-speed machine operations. Its widespread adoption spans across various industries, playing a crucial role in sectors like packaging, printing, label production, construction materials, paper pulp, metal processing, non-woven fabric production, and corrugated paper processing, etc.