Rotogravure machine AGPNS-10S

The machine is fully applied to the latest Japanese Taiyang (TAIYO) color and tension control system, with accurate overprint (offset precision: + 0.05MM), high tension control precision, one type unshaftless (cone top) reel, smaller space, higher quality and efficiency.

Equipment advantages :

1. Built in two axle automatic take-up and rewinding unit (pneumatic cone top)

  • Design of a built-in retractable unit without expansion shaft
  • Save space, shorten the route, make the whole machine show the atmosphere.

2. Sector gear acceleration cutter

  • The fan-shaped gear acceleration mechanism is applied skillfully to the cutters, so that the cutter can be accelerated instantly.
  • Get a good cutting effect
  • It can also be successfully cut when encountering material with high fracture strength or tensile material.
  • Success rate of the material is improved and the waste is reduced.

3. Sector gear acceleration cutter

  • Guide roll of retractable material and blower drive of cutting tool roller
  • The resistance caused by the guide roller from stationary to the same speed as the material film is reduced.
  • This resistance is one of the causes of tension fluctuations during reconnection.
  • This effectively reducing the production of waste products during the transfer of material
  • The structure is ingenious, the exterior appearance is beautiful and the function is practical.

4. Atomizing guide roller

  • The surface of the cooling roller is atomized to increase the cooling effect, increase the speed synchronization, reduce the influence of the cooling roll on the tension, and achieve the purpose of improving the printing quality.
  • The guide roller in the oven is atomized to increase the speed of the guide roll in the small package angle, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the printing quality

5. Aluminum alloy guide roller seat

  • Make the machine light weight
  • Beautiful and generous
  • Strong adaptability to environment, durable than blackening or paint.

6. Belt slide top plate spindle

  • The main shaft of the top plate of the printing department:
  • The M side transverse version main shaft and G side drive spindle are all provided with telescopic sliding sleeves.
  • Because the sliding sleeve is not rotated, it is very convenient to add protective film on the sliding sleeve.
  • Effectively reducing the influence of ink on the precision of the spindle

7. Bottom exhaust concealment

  • Use the printing unit lower bracing and transmission side cover for the current exhaust pipe.
  • From the cover of the driving side of the printing unit
  • Put down the line of the lower exhaust wind to make the whole machine simple and generous
  • At the same time, the servo motor has good heat dissipation function.

8. Box scraper

  • Adopting the latest technology of Japanese Fuji
  • The scraper is locked by pneumatic quick turnover mechanism, accurate positioning and manual workload reduction.
  • The scraper moves independently of the motor, and the frequency of movement is matched with the speed of the main engine.

9. Tension system and automatic color printing system

  • Use of too long tension system and automatic color overprint system.
  • Top brand, quality guarantee

10. Heat pump and ESO hot air management system

  • Hot air drying system is the main energy consumption point of gravure press.
  • Ottmar not only developed its own heat pump system, but also cooperated with the company. A hot air management system adapted to the heating system of our company has been developed.
  • The combination of heat and management has greatly reduced energy consumption.
    It not only saves energy and protects environment, but also reduces user’s use cost.

11. man-machine operation interface

  • Multilingual handover in Chinese, English and Japanese operation interface (matching)
  • The operator can control and manage the operation functions of the machine through the man-machine interface, and can modify the original parameter settings.
  • Implementation: intelligent interface operation improves product quality, reduces waste products, improves production efficiency, and reduces auxiliary time for product replacement.