rotogravure machine AGPN-10

A new generation of high speed electronic axial gravure press

The machine is equipped with advanced Japanese full servo shaftless technology, incorporating the latest advancements in the field. It has the capability to operate at a maximum mechanical speed of 400 m/min.

A feature overseen by experienced Japanese senior experts. This ensures precise performance, showcasing high efficiency and energy-saving benefits. The machine is versatile and suitable for processing various types of plastic film, (BOPP, OPP, CPP, PE, PET, NY, PVC, and others).

Mechanical aspects :

  • High quality casting wall plate, machining accuracy 0.01mm, stable for 20 years without deformation.
  • Imported roller, cots, bearings, pneumatic components and so on.
  • Low inertia guide roller (below 3G) ensures low tension film perfect printing.
  • Japan imported imprint cots, uniform pressure without leakage, long service life.
  • Roller transmission system
  • One click scraper can achieve quick replacement within 1 minutes and improve efficiency.
  • Lossless feeding mechanism, greatly reducing printing loss
  • Corresponding water-based ink printing

Electrical aspects :

  • Japan’s Sumitomo (SUMITOMO) overprint system and tension system.
  • Each color unit is equipped with an independent touch screen and is controlled at any time
  • Servo frequency converter in Japan

Energy saving :   

  • Equipped with independent research and development of high efficiency heat pump, instead of traditional electric heating and steam heating, energy saving (60%-90%)            
  • Motor and plate roller shaft connected directly, servo motor instead of reducer, saving 30% power consumption.            
  • The power saving system saves about 500 yuan per day.            
  • Patent technology ink tank, less ink consumption and odor volatilization.            
  • ESO system, significantly reducing VOC emissions, energy saving 30% (matching)

Selection project :

  • Human body air conditioning system
  • Ink temperature control system
  • Ink viscosity control system
  • Motor waste heat utilization system, 
  • ESO system
  • Closed scraper system
  • Closed ink tank
  • Flipping device