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SM1600-Q Automatic High-speed Paper Tube Recutting Machine

Description of the machine :

  • The machine is used for cutting long paper tube into short ones accurately.
  • This machine can be used for very thick wall tube.(up to 10mm)
  • This machine can be used for very small diameter tube. (Diameter can be 30MM)
  • Paper tube loading and unloading automatically.
  • The working process is controlled by PLC and servo system.
  • The machine can be calibrated automatically according to the tube length.
  • Technical Parameters:
  • Feeding method: automatic
  • Paper tube discharging: automatic
  • Paper tube positioning way: CNC stepping system
  • Active knife: Yes
  • Paper tube length: 1600mm
  • Paper tube diameter:30 – 160mm
  • Minimum finished tube length: 50mm
  • Paper tube wall thickness: 0.8 – 20mm
  • Maximum number of cutters available:25
  • Production efficiency: 5-7pcs/min
  • Cutting precision: <0.5mm
  • Power:3.5kw
  • Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Weight: 1600kg
  • Dimension: 493027001550mm