engraving cylinder machine

Electronic engraving machines are a crucial portion of the modern gravure plate making process. They are presently broadly utilized to form printing rollers for various applications, including plastic packaging, trademarks, enhancements, transfer printing, and conventional press printing. These machines overcome the impediments of conventional manual methods, such as low precision and irregularity, driving to essentially expanded generation productivity. The coming about prints brag wealthier colors, smoother degrees, and more honed points of interest.

These engraving machine was designed by high-tech frameworks coordinated computer design, gadgets, and control advances. They utilize advanced electrical control and software, together with high-precision German servo-controlled mechanics, to guarantee precise and steady operation. The image handling and altering program is particularly planned for the needs of advanced plate-making production lines, offering effective usefulness with a user-friendly interface.

Cylinder Girth(mm): ≤1800mm
Cylinder Lenth(mm): 1400mm-3200mm(optional)
Rotate Speed(rpm): 10~600rpm
Range of Screen(dots/cm): 48~140dots/cm
Engraving Methods : contunius&step
Cell Angle : 5kinds of angle,optional
Range of Cell : 0~0.25mm
Range of Channel : 0~0.25mm
Cell Depth : 0~0.07mm
Operation temperature : 18~25℃
Relative humidity : 20~80%,No water condensation
Power supply requirements : AC220V±5%,50/60Hz
Power : 5KVA

engraving machine