The nickel-plating equipment is designed by advanced electroplating process in the world, it is widely used in gravure plate making. The main parts of electroplating equipment imported from abroad, the entire electroplating process can be set to automatic and fully automatic control, a variety of technical parameters can be set and stored. Electroplating tank and store liquid tank is made by high-quality engineering plastics. The cylinder can be semi-immersion or full immersion, During electroplating process, the solution is full recycle. The location of the anode can be automatically set according to requirement, which can guarantee optimum electroplating current density and working space which ensure electroplating products with high quality.

nickel plating cylinder making


Certification : CE Certificate
Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
Tank material : Stainless steel — PP
Cylinder support frame : Stainless steel
External Protection : Stainless steel
Electrolyte volume : 1300 Liter
Pump capacity : 14,000l/h
Heat capacity : 6kw
Number of filter : 20” with 8pcs
Cylinder Immersion : 50%
Current density max : 3-5A/dm2
Electrolyte temperature : 38 – 40 ℃
Room air condition, temperature range : 18-40℃ 5-60% relative humidity
Machine weight : 1900 Kg
Machine dimension : 3870x1360x1300mm