In the process of chromium plating, if the version roll problems need to be reworked, the chromium removal machine can reduce the tedious processing process, through the chromium removal directly to achieve chromium plating, so that customers save time and cost.



Certification : CE Certificate
Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
Tank material : Stainless steel — PP
Cylinder support frame : Stainless steel
External Protection : Stainless steel
Electrolyte volume : 800 Liter
Pump capacity : 14,000l/h
Heat capacity : 3kw
Cylinder Immersion : 50%
Low tension max : 12v
Electrolyte temperature : 28-30 ℃
Room air condition, temperature range : 18-40℃ 5-60%
Cooling coil : Titanium
Machine weight : 1100Kg
Machine dimension : 3870x1360x1300mm